• Queen's Corner (Opposite Waterstones) (map)
  • New St
  • Birmingham, B2 4LP
  • United Kingdom

Our movement around metropolitan spaces is informed by relentless economic activity, dwindling free time and by commercial attention seeking. Demand for our senses is at a premium and our response is to filter out all irrelevant information to get us safely to our destination on time.

Noticing anything above eye level is uncommon - rarer still is actually stopping to look at it. On his Invisible Architecture walks, local historian Ben Waddington reveals some of the city’s rich detail and inventive urbanism as it has appeared over the years on public buildings, down back streets and beneath our feet.

If you characterise Birmingham by its stark public buildings, planning misadventures and fervent urban revisionism then this tour will give back to you many small but joyful moments, guaranteed to make you feel differently about the city.

How did this magnificent world ever became lost?

Tour led by: Ben Waddington // Still Walking

Booking information:

Saturday 13 June 2015: 12pm
Sunday 14 June 2015: 12pm
NEW TOUR ADDED: Tuesday 16 June 2015: 6pm
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The walk itself lasts approximately 90 minutes; walkers are invited for rest, refreshments and conversation at the end of the tour.