• Christopher Wray Lighting (map)
  • Bartholomew Row
  • Birmingham, B5 5JY
  • United Kingdom

A struggling actor, who occasionally lends a harmonium to Dudley Moore, turns down a full time role in Emmerdale Farm to sell domestic lighting. It's an unlikely story but one that's completely true. This strange tale led to the birth of a commercial empire and a mainstay of the Birmingham shopping scene. However, the Christopher Wray Lighting Emporium on Bartholomew Row has an even deeper and impressive history, historic houses, and a microcosm of Birmingham industrial development.

Join Simon Linford of C Zero for a tour of the Christopher Wray Lighting building, and discover its varied and historical past.

These limited tours, as part of Birmingham Heritage Week, will give you the last opportunity to access one of the city’s most historically important buildings before it is redeveloped. They will also include a chance for you to hear first-hand how C Zero intend to bring the site into the 21st century.

For more information on the building please visit our website http://www.hidden-spaces.co.uk/christopher-wray


Due to the derelict nature of the site visitors are instructed to wear appropriate footwear and clothing. Helmets will be provided by C Zero.

About C Zero:

Czero is a pioneering developer combining the twin elements of sustainable housing and rescuing listed buildings.  For more information about their work please visit http://czero.com/

Booking Information:

This tour is now fully booked.