• Big Brum (Council House Clock Tower) (map)
  • Victoria Square, Birmingham
  • B1 1BB

In 1885 the iconic clock tower, now affectionately known by locals as Big Brum, was added to the Council House. It was part of the first major extension of the building, designed by Yeovil Thomason.

Inside the tower a narrow winding staircase of 159 steps provides access to five floors, which house the impressive clock mechanism, donated by local meteorologist and entrepreneur Abraham Follett Osler, and a collection of enormous bells. The largest is the hour bell, giving the tower its title Big Brum, which weighs 3 tons. At the pinnacle of the tower is a lookout platform giving panoramic views across the city.

Join Birmingham City Council and Birmingham's Hidden Spaces for a chance to climb Big Brum's 159 steps and see inside this iconic Birmingham landmark, as part of Birmingham Heritage Week.

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This event is organised by Birmingham City Council.