Articles About Perrott's Folly

In contrast to the clock tower , which stands proudly on the corner of the Council House as a monument of civic importance, Perrott’s Folly stands in Edgbaston, as one man’s monument of self-promotion. It is thought to have been constructed as an elaborate venue for entertaining guests.

Nestled away at the top of Waterworks Road the mysterious Georgian Folly-tower has been the source of intrigue for centuries.

Commissioned in 1758 by the wealthy and eccentric land-owner John Perrott, the gothic tower would have been the tallest structure for miles around when it was first built, giving its owner a huge status boost amongst his peers. Romantic tales suggest the loss Perrott felt at his wife’s death was so great that he desired to be elevated above the clouds to look upon her grave which was ten miles away behind the Clent Hills. Others suggest it was to spy on his cheating wife before she died.

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